Why is IVF so Expensive?

Why is IVF so Expensive?

It is no secret that fertility treatment, such as IVF is costly to undergo. Most couples turn to IVF when they are experiencing difficulties conceiving naturally, whereas other couples turn to IVF sex selection when they wish to choose the gender of their baby for personal reasons. IVF is right up top for the most costly fertility treatments. This can add stress to the struggles of starting a family and now with the substantial financial weight added.

While it may appear a hard battle once you are made aware of the costs involved, it can offset the pressure of the unknowns. You need a good clinic that will prepare you and your family for everything that is included involved regarding fertility management. This consists of getting a diagnosis for the fertility problems to work out the affordability plan to best suit you. While there may be obstacles like the pricing if you go ahead with IVF, you will get the support you need to achieve the pregnancy you have longed for.

Here are a few things you should consider when trying to justify IVF and baby gender selection costs:

First, it depends on what your fertility problems are and what procedure you need to undertake. Each process has its requirements and pricing. If you need to have advanced surgery, then you are looking at paying more than those who need an IUI intervene insemination.

The main reason IVF is so expensive is that there are different stages of preparation that need to happen before and after the treatment, which adds up. You will pay for the procedure then you will be faced with additional fees for every consultation, performing multiple cycles and hormone medication.


You will meet with a fertility specialist to go through the concerns and come up with a plan. After all of that, you decide on IVF then you will need to get ultrasounds and blood tests done to determine how healthy the reproductive organs are.

Induction ovulation

The female will be given hormone medication to increase the number of her eggs that are released during her next cycle. This needs to be done to make sure more eggs are being harvested during the recovering process, which will give you more attempts for fertilisation.

Egg Retrieval and Maturation

The eggs will be recovered by a procedure under sedation to harvest the eggs and then transfer them off to a laboratory where the fertilisation will take effect. The male’s sperm will be collected and mixed with the eggs, and then the healthiest embryos will be taken and implanted into the women’s uterus. There will be an additional medication that is needed to aid in preparing her body for the process.

The transfer

Once the healthy embryos are transferred into the uterus, a follow-up visit will follow to check her progress over two weeks. After that, you can take a pregnancy test to see if the procedure was successful. Your leftover embryos can be stored in case this time was not auspicious.

Estimated cost

With all of this info insight, you can see where the money goes. You need to be expecting to pay around $12,000 to $15,000 for the IVF cycle but will depend on the procedure and where you get it done. If you live where the fertility treatments are in huge demand, then you can be looking to pay over$20,000 per treatment with an extra fee of around $6,000 to use another frozen embryo.

It’s essential to take into consideration that any special procedures like intracytoplasmic sperm injection and preimplantation genetic disorder along with egg freezing will be more expensive. Most times the fertility treatments are not covered by insurance so ensure you check this out first to know where you stand with the out of pocket expenses.