Top 5 Australian Businesses Hiring Graduates Right Now

Top 5 Australian Businesses Hiring Graduates Right Now

Every year, students graduate from their respective universities with the hope of getting a lucrative job. So begins the hunt, looking for graduate internships that can lead to a potentially profitable career. But at times, it is not just about getting a lucrative job, but also to get a dream job at the right workplace that cares for their growth. For instance, Law graduates may not feel completely fulfilled while working in the bank even though the pay is high. The feeling cannot be compared when they work in a reputable law firm, a place where they can put all their studies into practice.

This is one of the major reasons some businesses are attracted to a particular field of students over others. If you fall under this category, you need not worry again because we will be listing the best businesses around Australia who would love to work with you as a graduate!


This is an information technology-based corporate body. It’s employees span over 380,000 across 175 countries. They are known for innovations, and it is evident in this century of digital business as they help in transforming other industries with their experiences in cloud, analytics, security, and other internet-related things.

If you are a person that loves innovation, working at IBM is the right place for you. You can use AI to predict fashion trends. They put their employees at human-centric design thinking.

2.  NSW

This is one of the largest employer businesses in Australia. NSW is a state government service that offers graduate opportunities. They offer the graduates program for in-depth experiences so that they can improve their on their skills for a better future. During the program, supervision by a personal mentor or executive sponsor is constant and a crucial part of their training. Once they complete the program successfully, they will get employed in a unique position with the NSW Government.

They don’t discriminate or seclude graduates from their studies. The graduates are on rotation across several government agencies with at least 3-6 months in each agency.

The purpose of the rotation is to expose them so that they can explore the various functional areas with the government agencies.

3. PwC

This is a management consulting business and one of the leading professional firms in Australia. They are not only located in Australia, but they also have a global network across 158 countries.

All employees of PwC join an innovative community dealing with insurance, consulting deals, Infrastructure & Urban Renewal, Private Clients, Tax, Technology, and Legal units.

As an employee for this business, you will have a chance to make a difference. PwC offers a flexible working schedule for its employees and has more than 8,000 national employees.


This is an international law firm operating from the Asia-Pacific Region. It is one of the big six law firms in Australia. A highly reputable firm with ex-members such as the former Australian Prime Minister, High Court, and Supreme Court Judges and former president of the World Bank.

If you want to continue your journey as a Lawyer, this is perhaps the best firm in Australia. You are guaranteed world-class clients and experiences as it is one of the Largest law firms in the Asia-Pacific region. They have more than 130 partners and 1200 personnel.


This is another management consulting firm, known for its loyalty and global professionalism, which time and time again, has gained them industry-wide respect. They are leaders in providing consultancy services, audits, and tax services. They help other organizations realize their business goals.

They have more than 162,000 people in over 155 countries and thousands of clients. They also offer a range of career options for their employees, and they are exposed to bright ideas because of the various advisory units.

As you can see, there are many fantastic opportunities out there in Australia right now, so go forth and send in your resumes, let those employers know that you are the star player that they’ve been missing! However if none of these Australian businesses on our top 5 list tickle your fancy, there are many other great graduate partnership programs out there that can find the right fit for you.

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