How to choose tiles for a bar in a business class flight

How to choose tiles for a bar in a business class flight

In business class flights plenty of facilities are provided to the passengers travelling in it just in order to serve them ultimate luxury and to make sure that the customer enjoys their journey in a pleasant manner. For such purposes, it is seen that having the benefit of a bar or some wine service can certainly be an uprising. Although this benefit is only provided in very few airlines. Having a setup bar inside the business class flight is extremely nice compared to other airline companies. The tiling choice of business class truly enhances the flight experience of flyers and makes sure that frequent fliers become loyal customers of the airline brand. The tiles that are chosen in the business and the economy class truly varies as in business class the task of ensuring that the flyers get what they pay for and having them remain their loyal customers comes into the picture. Hence choices such as tiling the bar of the flight, the seating arrangement, matching featured walls, etc have to be considered to stay on top of the growing airline competition.

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It is yet necessary to choose the correct tiles for the bar in accordance with the ambience, interior wall finishes and position of the bar. Certain specific featured tiles matching the walls may help your bar get a classy look whereas sometimes failing in choosing a good tile may create a problem as well since people might not like the getup of the bar in the first hand. The choice of tiling for the bar must be such that it invites people to try out the menu instantaneously. Visiting the bar and trying the various airline provided options. Must be flyers first go to as soon as they’ve settled in their seats. Most airlines have air hostesses to help passengers with their favoured drinks and food. However, luxury airlines have a separate bar in the airlines, especially for the long flights, which makes it very important for the passengers to be able to move around freely and to be able to enjoy the drink right at the bar.  Thus, we can say that choosing the right tile for the bar is of utmost priority especially when it’s for the bar that’s inside business class flights. Passengers need not just privileges, but also value for the money spent. Hence, it is up to the airline company to provide their frequent flyers and new passengers with not just comfortable seating, exceptional entertainment options, refreshments and dining options, but also options that put them above any other airline and what they have to offer. Just simply having a small bar with mediocre designs isn’t enough. Choosing the best tile work that gives the image of luxury along with comfort becomes important to give the passenger an all in all indulgent flying experience. Luxury at its best is an absolute must. There are many types of tiles or we can say tiles made of different materials, of different shapes, designs, texture and attractive colours.

Choosing a tile for the flight isn’t a very easy thing to do. The dealers come with a huge number of offers and choices and all the options available seem very attractive. While choosing the tiles a few things must be kept into mind that where the tile has to be put up, for what purpose its been needed and how much do you want to spend on the tile. Often we see that a beautiful tile is being bought with an amazing price that fits it. If the tile is required for a business class flight then it has to be a classy one. Because people travelling in a business class flight that too with a facility of the bar would certainly be rich and classy people hence to give them enough comfort every nooks and crook of the bar must be up to the mark, be that the tiles even.

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Now, tiles of different quality of formats that are available are granite tiles, wood look tiles, steel tiles or sheets, ceramic tiles etc. Vibrant colours are given to these tiles.

Those tiles which are used for the flooring can be dark in colour or textures but ones near the bar can be a little for attractive for example it may come with a little design or some patterns drawn in it. If not so, then at least the tiles can have a glossy finish in it so that the passengers may find it nice. Moreover, the tiles chosen must also be friendly to the screw compressors within the flight so that the tiling work may not affect the air compressor flow and the internal cabin pressure.

Lastly, the business class flight bar consists of a lot of wire systems, industrial air compressors, fuels including this any type of tiles that catch fire easily shall be avoided for the sake of the safety of the people travelling in it. On the other hand, too much glossy tile shall not be used for the flooring part such as a polished marble flooring and tiles since it becomes hard to walk freely around the bar in a comfortable manner.

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