Want a career at a luxury hotel? Read this!

Want a career at a luxury hotel? Read this!

Who would not want to operate in an expensive hotel, rubbing elbows with wealthy and famous guests? It indeed is a beautiful environment, and the place will probably be fabulous but remember you will have to deliver a superior level of support which increases to the level your elite clients expect.

We are talking about perfect customer support and tireless attention to detail, gorgeously prepared food and the spa-like tranquillity of a spacious, serene room. Your aim is to provide that special touch which earns loyalty and makes your guest look forward to returning to your resort time and again.

What is it Like?

Front desk representatives at luxury resorts seamlessly handle check-ins, offer guests a welcome drink and discretely coordinate with butlers to deal with luggage and escort guests to their rooms all with ease, charm and effortless performance. Luxurious service is all about the personal touch: offering small pieces of conversation concerning a town they had just arrived out of or suggesting special services this specific guest would enjoy. Nobody is hurried and all employees are tasked with creating the guest’s stay as beautiful as possible whatsoever. The resort is has luxury waterfront accommodation that defines casual elegance, genuine hospitality and superb amenities. Celebrities and VIP’s from all around the world stay. We genuinely care for staff members and guests.

Here’s another illustration of the staff finding a way to adopt a guest. A guest flew with her friends to celebrate her 40th birthday. Once she arrived, she wished to have her hair done and wasn’t able to locate an available appointment. Among the staff happened to get a hair appointment for herself scheduled for the following day and offered it to the guest. The tragedy was averted; the guest was thrilled and went on to enjoy her unique party with her friends.

Employee Perks & Prerequisites

Boutique hotels, employees work a standard 8-hour change unless somebody needs you to pay (you will usually be paid overtime if desired ). Typically, workers also have access to a pretty impressive amenities. The hotel does provide workers free lunch daily, delicious food in the specialist chefs and their employees. They also enjoy a discounted gym membership in the town and can use the spa in the hotel at a discounted rate.

You’ve got to be comfortable interacting with VIP’s and celebrities and understand the assignment of discrete, superior support and easy connection. You won’t be after a script which tells you exactly what to say in each circumstance to be able to”stay on message” with the resort brand. You must have the ability to think on your feet, solve problems and find a way to meet sometimes challenging requests.

Working in a luxury hotel, ‘no’ isn’t in our vocabulary.  If you’ve got a passion for hospitality, go to school and make this your career.  Hotels are searching for long-term employees who have the confidence to interact with everybody equally.  There are a number of boutique hotels, maybe start by looking at jobs in Hobart to kickstart your career.